Caza Kimpeman goes by many names. Some call him by the short version of his stage name: ‘Caza’. If you knew him at a young age performing at every talent show in town, you might even know him as Lil’ Kimpeman. In 2015 he climbed the charts with ‘Drank & Drugs’. Caza made a name for himself with songs as ‘Positie’, ‘SLIDE’ and ‘Woozy’.

“My father made me sign a contract: If I would write five songs, I would get 50 guilders.”

Caza grew up around music. His father was musician as hobbyist and had a lot of influence on his musical journey. In a playful manner he got to learn how to make music with his father. His father even made him sign a contract at a young age. If he had written five songs, he would get 50 guilders. Caza still feels inspired by artists he got to know through his parents. The songs his parents played back in the days are still on his playlists. Not only his parents but also his friends motivated him to write songs. He would freestyle and beatbox every day with his friends. Songwriting used to be a competitive game to him, everyone wanted to be better than the rest.

“I always strive to be the best.”

Before being a songwriter Caza would MC in the clubs.

And even before being a MC he would play at every talent show in town. He even booked his first performance because people saw him play. Eventually he would MC less and started releasing music. He found his own sound in feel good Urban Pop with hints of his Caribbean roots. When asked about his personal playlists, it varies between Country and Jazz, but he also loves Reggae/Dancehall music. He can listen to any song, as long as it gets to him. His dream collab would be with Drake: The artist of the century in terms of musicality, but also credibility. Drake is a huge source of inspiration for Caza.

“Every achieved goal results in a new one.”

After achieving a ‘Golden plate’ with ‘Oh Na Na’ and having multiple songs in the charts, what is more to attain? According to Caza there is still a lot left he would like to develop. For example branch out to acting and presenting, or further learn to play the piano. Although he can produce a little, he wouldn’t dare to call himself a producer. By playing keys, he could contribute more to the whole composition of songs. Besides following his dreams in the creative industry he wouldn’t mind being in real estate or maybe even have his own grocery store. Though in the end his true passion is writing music, any way he can, for himself or others.

More information about Caza? +31 (070) 399 82 79